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Buying a property as an investment is different from buying a property as your primary residence. Not only are there different tax implications, but the basic criteria you should consider when selecting an investment property are also unique: what income yield are you looking for? Where is rental demand highest? LJ Hooker Papakura is here to help guide you through every step of the process.

Hit all the hot spots.

We know that for investors, one of the hardest parts of securing what you want is finding a wide enough range of properties that fit your criteria. But that’s where we can make such a difference. Get in touch with one of our agents and you’ll have our vast, New Zealand network at your fingertips – as well as an agent with the knowledge to connect you with properties you might be interested in.

LJ Hooker Papakura can work with you to find a broad range of properties that match your particular criteria – whether that’s as simple as a number of bedrooms or a particular location, or something more complex such as rental demand.

Your LJ Hooker Property Manager helps you make more of your investment.

Once you’ve found it, we can help you set up your investment with property management services including finding suitable tenants, and looking after the ongoing maintenance of the property. We can even help you find a suitable mortgage if you need one. So whether you are considering home improvements to boost tenant demand and your potential rental yields or you need assistance with an urgent maintenance issue, your LJ Hooker property manager is there to give you professional support when and how you need it.

We can match you with tradespeople in your local area if repairs need to be made - and we can also connect you with finance brokers and your closest LJ Hooker office if you need to get in touch.

Always ready to help.

Whatever property you’re looking for, and whatever your investment experience, LJ Hooker can help make investing in property a rewarding experience.